Company President Mr Neil Burgon has over 20 years’ experience in the sector. He started off working for a small company based in Leeds England. When that company decided to close the manufacturing side of the business Mr Burgon came to an agreement to purchase the manufacturing arm of the company and this created P2K.

After many years of success in the beverages and dairy sectors in East Asia it was decided to open offices and manufacturing in Tokyo Japan, where in 2001 Powerpoint International was created. As Head Office and manufacturing was relocated to Japan, the business in Leeds was phased out. We still have a sales and after sales office remaining in the UK.

Powerpoint International has grown to be the preferred suppliers of UHT heat exchangers and pilot plant to many of the world’s top beverage, dairy and flavour companies due to its bespoke way of doing business. Combining our knowledge with your requirements, we aim to supply a machine that meets your needs. Due to the bespoke way we design our machinery we have also supplied to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Our mission statement is: “We rise to any challenge set buy our customers and we aim to supply machinery to our customers exact specification. We don’t push a standard machine that may meet the customers’ needs SOME of the time, we design a machine to use ALL of the time”.

Powerpoint International Ltd